Artistic expressions convey universal themes. 

Throughout history, artistic movements including the Harlem Renaissance and the Global Indigenous Art Movement have proven the power of art to amplify marginalized voices and advocate for social change. Lightship Foundation and the ViaTalenta Foundation have collaborated in support of diverse creatives and innovators to present the Chroma Portrait Series, a collection of works embodying the legacies and learning of some of the most influential Black cultural and political thought leaders.

Ben Wolstenholme - Artist

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
— Albert Einstein  

“Preventing the conflicts of tomorrow means changing the mindset of youth today.”
—Graça Machel  

It is by moving people and organizations that ultimately, we move the world.

I believe that Art, Design and Storytelling are the forces we need to meet and overcome the huge challenges we face as people and as a planet.

I studied film and design at Central Saint Martins in London and work in Storytelling, Art and Design.  

My passion for stories has led me to co-found two creative companies: Moving Brands (1998) and Madefire (2010). Both have been remarkable journeys allowing me to work across many disciplines of art, design, animation and live action with talented people all over the world.  

As a creator, I have been fortunate to receive awards including a Cannes Lion Gold for Design and a New York Film & TV award for Direction. My first original comic book series ‘MONO’, which I co-wrote and illustrated, was voted ‘Best Digital Comic’ and is available as a graphic novel through Penguin Random House.  

I’m fascinated with creative technology and have premiered Immersive Cinema pieces at SXSW, Sundance and Cinequest.

My work focuses at the intersection of storytelling and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

My goal is to use creativity for good.

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As an impact-driven organization serving remarkable entrepreneurs & ecosystems, we leverage corporate partnerships, specialized programming and capital investments to drive growth within the minority innovation economy. Lightship provides diverse founders the resources and direction their businesses need to scale.

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For generations, we have created, developed and engaged in what we today call impact and philanthropy. From driving environmental sustainability and bringing food security and health care to the underserved to, more recently, engaging in developing clean energy, educating the next generation to become global citizens with a sustainability mindset and providing access to the world of art for those who have no easy way to engage. ​Our aim is to support the economic and social development of communities by providing them with the tools, networks, platforms and support individuals need to thrive. We seek to leave a better world for generations to come.